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Galactus vs. The Fantastic 4


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Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, one of the largest characters in Marvel Comics.

I love the character of Galactus. He is one of my favorites! Since Lego started producing sets based on Marvel Comics, I have dreamed of a set with, The Fantastic 4.

All of the Super Hero sets released so far have included at least, one hero and one villain.

Well, if a Fantastic 4 set is produced, why not include, Marvel Comics biggest enemy, Galactus.


While looking for ideas for things to build, I came across pictures of a Lego set released in 2000. Set number 3723, LEGO Mini-Figure Sculpture. For some reason, while looking at pictures of it with regular small LEGO minifigs, I thought of Galactus fighting The Fantastic 4.

I worked in the LDD file for a week or 2 till I got model down to a look I liked. I wanted to try to keep him looking like a minifig, just BIGGER!

He has 2550 pieces, by himself. He can be scaled down, but, I really like him to be HUGE and menacing!!

Next up is the Fantasticar. I looked at pics of a couple of different Fantasticars, there are several in the comics, and one in the movie, The Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer.

I liked the look of the one from the movie more. It's sleek lines drew me to try and make it in Lego form. I really like the look of it and think it turned out pretty good.


Obviously, it's a Fantastic 4 set, so figures are pretty simple,

Reed Richards - Mister Fantastic

Susan Storm - Invisible Girl/ Invisible Woman

Johnny Storm - The Human Torch

Ben Grimm - The Thing

Norrin Radd - The Silver Surfer

Thanks for looking and I hope you support this project!

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