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Weird Science


Weird Science

Hello everyone,

there is no age to play lego, I'm 45 years old and this is my first time here on Lego Ideas with this weird science set.

I like to create my own sets in order to display some of my Minifigs as I'm a big fan.

I had the idea of building a scientific laboratory with funny experiences to display my scientists and one of my favorite Minifig : the Bee.

The set comes in 4 main parts :

A Lab, an energy room on the first floor, a small greenhouse and garden, and the Insects Research Plateform.

  • The Lab

Run new experiences in this high tech room : mix, shake, handle, study..

Then save on the computer, monitor ongoing experiments on the central terminal under the blue neons.

Safety first : fire alarms (lights and sirens), a fire extinguisher.

  • The Energy Floor

The Energy is stored in the white tank and spreads out through the pipes and tubes supplying each room with that flashy yellow Energy.

  • The greenhouse and garden

Do funny things like crossing a plant with human dNA or create a huge plant with the "magic" water to allow the Bee to make succulent honey.

Two pumps send the energy to the last part of the set: 

  • The Insects Research Plateform

Well I bet that scientist is a big David Cronenberg fan ;)

Mix the yellow energy with what's in the large tank a give life to giant insects !


With loads of details and a futuristic atmosphere, there is plenty to do.

Really hope you like this original and flashy set, 

Thank you for your support.

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