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Wednesday: Welcome To Ophelia Hall



We will probably reach the 10000 supporter mark in the next few days, if everything continues to go so incredibly well. 
We only need less than 1% of the total votes to reach this goal and I am really looking forward to this moment. Before this moment comes, however, I would like to publish my last update, which should once again summarise all the elements of my idea in one picture. 

- 2586 parts
- Four figures 
- Wednesday and Enid dorm room 
- Minifigures stand

Thank you all for your incredible support and let's all cross the finish line together. 



Only 1000 supporters away!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support. We are now less than 1000 supporters away from the finish line and can almost see it. As a small thank you, I've added another character to my model and this time it's Enid in a slightly more comfortable outfit than her uniform. I hope you like the new figure as much as I do and I am looking forward to overcome the last few meters to the finish line together with you.


75% Thank you all

We reached 3/4 of the votes today and I am incredibly proud and happy about that. To show my gratitude, I reworked the two minifigures of my model and built a small stand for them.
I hope it's a good addition and I'm very happy now to contest the last quarter with you. Thank you all!


6000 Supporters! Thank you all for your support

I am speechless. We cracked the 6000 supporter mark and now it's only 4000 to go. Thank you all and here is a better look at the new Wednesday minifigure with hoodie. 


5000 Supporters! Thank you all!

We have reached the 5000 supporter milestone and this only in less than a month and a half, which is incredible. I almost can't believe this and I am indescribably proud, grateful and happy. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. 

Here is a small thank you for your support and a small addition to my Ideas project. 


2600 Supporters!

Hi together 
I am speechless. Unfortunately I can only follow the progress of my project on weekends and now we are already at 2600 supporters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. 
For this reason and as already announced, I have created new product images for my project and have already uploaded them to the edit review. I hope for a so further fast reaching of the next milestones and I am already very much looking forward to publish the next update, which then probably a little bit more figure variety.


Thank you all

Thank you all for the Next Milestone and the over 1000 supporters in just 10 Days.
It is a real pleasure to see that people enjoy the project and my work and I am looking forward to each further step towards the finish line. 


New Hair

Here is the new Wednesday minifigure with the matching hair. Thanks to incredibly helpful tips in the comments, I was finally able to incorporate the hairpiece I wanted into my model. I'm also currently working on new pictures which don't have so much pink background in it. 
Thanks a lot for your awesome support, that we have cracked the 500 supporters and go against the first 1000. 

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