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"3 Generations of Happiness" Modular Building

The "3 Generations of Happiness" is a traditional oriental styled modular building with 6 minifigs. It is an embodiment of what most Asians consider "blessed", to have three generations - Children, parent and grandparents to live in harmony under the same roof.

Being stuck at home due to COVID-19, it left me with a lot of time about what was important. I realised that despite all the worries, i was blessed with 3 generations living in my tiny home. My children, my wife, my dad and in laws squeezed in together. But we are safe and that is all matters. This inspired me to build something that represents the small happiness that i still have and will hold on to dearly.

The building itself i have designed with a traditional oriental design. The current LEGO modular line-up has a very distinct western influence and i hope that having an oriental themed one would break the cultural monotony, and add a different splash of creativity, culture and color.

Central to the theme is the dining area - It is extremely important to the typical Asian family, as it signifies prosperity and harmony for a family to eat together often.

Some details are really just for fun - such as the cliche wooden dummy that some Asian martial artists use to practice "Kung Fu" on.

I used green, gold, red and black boldly and hopefully it works out as something palatable. These colors actually clash and it took some careful planning to not over do it.

I also strongly believe this set would also make a great backdrop to the new LEGO "Monkey Kid" theme for Asian fans.

As it is my first IDEAS submission, i humbly hope this inspires other builders and brings everyone some much needed happiness in this times.

I wish everyone happiness and health. 

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