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Hearthstone Bakery


Down to the wire.

Hey all!  

Well, with only just over a week left, things are looking rather bleak for the bakery. That is unless you guys can help me muster an extra push to get the final extension, and restore hope of the Hearthstone Bakery making it to the review stage!

I thought I would share this photo of the bakery in NELUG town layout at this year's BrickFair NE. It's sandwiched between my natural history museum and China Garden restaurant (currently gathering support!). You can also spot my train station, as well as my seedy nightclub. The other buildings in the layout were done by other NELUG members, including Andy Price and Tom Atkinson. 


Start the presses!

Hi everyone! I've never been sure what to write for updates for my projects. Recently though, there has been some very exciting news! The Hearthstone Bakery has been featured in issue twelve of Blocks Magazine! I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to Christine and Rob over at Blocks for taking an interest in my build and wanting to include it in the magazine. I've really enjoyed reading Blocks, and it's a fantastic feeling to be able to be part of it. 

Thanks again to all of you who are supporting the project, and let's hope we can keep adding more people to the list! If anyone has any ideas on how to promote the bakery, just let me know! 

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