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Hearthstone Bakery


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Here we have the Hearthstone Bakery. This project fits right in with other LEGO modular buildings, and will add a touch of charm and culture to any LEGO town! 

The outside features a cobblestone sidewalk and a decorated arched entryway, and is roughly the same height as the Town Hall set. 

There are three fully finished floors, and the crawling ivy on the side of the building is attached in such a way as to allow easy separation of each. The first floor contains the bakery, with a full kitchen featuring a regular range, as well as a large baking oven, refrigerator, display case (full of delicious treats!) and service counter. On the other side there is a dining area with several tables for guests, and a staircase up to the second floor apartment.

The second floor features an apartment with a full kitchen, table, several floor lamps, couch, coffee table, bookcase and a fireplace with functioning doors. The room is decorated with various artifacts from history, including weapons and armor, fossils, and a stone statue.

The third floor houses a bedroom and bathroom with a dormer ceiling. The bathroom has a large shower, toilet, cabinet, trash can, and double sink. The bedroom has a glass-front fireplace, dresser, shelves, desk and king size bed. There are even lamps at either side of the bed for easy reading at night!

Finally, there is a pull down ladder for access to the roof, which features a chimney and HVAC unit.

Your support on this project would be greatly appreciated!

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