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Delivery Trailer

Hi all.

I've finished the official LD delivery trailer.

I hope you like my work

Any suggest or comment are welcome

Here you can see the final result:

This is how the arms works, you can rotate them into position and regulate the height.

When you are on the road, the arms are blocked by a seal ( last 2 picts ) Doors Detail:

You can see the rotable handle and locking system

The trailer roof removed


Heavy Weight Loading Bay Modular System

The first modular module is the loading bay for rail transport of heavy weights.

Here you can see the main entrance.:

The main entrance consists of  2 main sectional doors (1 single and 1 to 2 sections) and two anti-intrusion barriers

On the roof there is a LED panel to manage accesses

For rendering in this update I removed the removable walls, but the mounting system is the same as the "logistic HQ"

Here you can see the sliding door that handles the input of railway wagons:

But the main change is in the bridge-crane that handles the materials.

You can move it back and forth, left and right.
In Italy, the yellow and blue colors are required for the safety at work so I used those shades for the coloring of the moving & electrical parts.
On the carriage (not visible in the rendering) there are 2 pulleys for the lifting of heavy loads and 2 red and yellow flashing light.

On the left you can see the hand control unit of the sliding door (also this port is equipped with a safety flashing lights)

The dangerous parts of the floor are highlighted in yellow / black.

At the center of the bridge crane control system.

On the right a poor 'man who does his work :)

I hope you like it

See you soon with .... M.L.B.M.S.



Modular Bay Joint System

First update for my project.

I change the basement on Logistic HQ, now you can join other logistic modules simply removing the fake brick and uncovering the pins.

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