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Lego City Warehouse


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The "LD logistics" is composed of an office and a warehouse.
In the office we find 1 secretary at the reception and a logistics manager, the office is equipped with air conditioning, desks with computers, wall shelves with books and ornaments and a  bathroom.
In the warehouse are placed 4 modular shelving: as you can see in the pictures I can decide their arrangement, I can use them alone or connected together in order to have a double or a triple shelving as needed.
The storekeeper has available a trolley and a pallet truck for handling parcels or pallets.
The warehouse is equipped with 3 loading docks and 1 access for acceptance of materials.
The warehouse wall is removable.
The roof is divided into 4 separate sections (1 for the office and 3 for warehouse), the warehouse sections have skylights.

The whole structure is equipped with two air-conditioning units

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