Product Idea

The Tuscan Brick Restaurant and Gelateria

Thank You!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for participating in the survey! The most votes were cast for the new opening image #1 so that is what will come out in the next update (we submited the changes for moderation and the edited build should be posted within the next day or two). Thank you for all your support and feedback! :)

Favorite Opening Image?


Hi Everyone! Thank you for your continued support and feedback on this build! We were thinking about editing this project soon and we were wondering what opening image you think that we should use. The three options are:

The Original Opening Image...

New Opening Image 1...

And New Opening Image 2...

Please post in the comments which opening image you would like to see in the edited version of this idea! If you would like to see a combination of the opening images as the new opening image or would like to see something completely different we are happy to hear any suggestions that you have! Thank you again! Let's get this idea to 10K supporters!! :)  

More images and updated trees!


After some helpful feedback from @LDiEgo, we decided to release images that show the layouts of each individual floor, as well as images of the updated fruit trees on the roof garden, replacing the single piece trees produced by Lego. 


-The first image is an ovehead view of the roof, showing the garden, seeting area, and patio below.

-Following is an image of the apartment displaying the kitchen/living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

-The first floor overview image displays the connection between the restaurant and the gelateria.

-Last but not least is an image of the new, brick-built fruit trees on the roof.


The Roof 

The Second Floor

The First Floor

New Fruit Trees


Thank you all once again for your continued support! More updates will be coming soon!