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The Tuscan Brick Restaurant and Gelateria


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Welcome to the Tuscan Brick, home of the world famous Italian dish, spaghetti. Chef Alberto cooks the most wonderful culinary foods from all over italy, and the high end restaurant never fails to please. Luigi's Gelateria resides next door, selling pastries and coffee along with his famous gelato. Step right up and immerse yourself in the very best of Italy!

The Build

The first floor of this modular building contains:

--> The restaurant:
  • An entryway containing barrels, and a bench
  • A reception table with menus, a light, and a telephone
  • Two interior tables
  • A radiator and interior lights
  • A complete kitchen with a pizza oven, sink, refrigerator, and a range
  • Exterior seating (three tables), and an exterior serving counter
--> The gelateria:
  • A freezer, containing four flavors of gelato
  • A hat/coat rack
  • One coffee machine with takeout cups
  • Multiple gelato cones and scoops
  • Assorted pastries in a unique stand

The second floor of the building contains:

--> The apartment:
  • A bedroom containing a bed, a bookshelf, a bedside table with a lamp, a rug, a mix of pictures, and a potted plant by the stairs leading to the roof area
  • A living room that contains an old fashioned TV, a couch with a side table, a coat rack, a rug, and a half wall separating it from the kitchen. Also, there is a model of a Van Gogh painting on the wall overlooking the area
  • A kitchen that has a range, sink, and an eating space
  • A bathroom with a shower, a sink, and a toilet

The roof area has:

--> Garden area:
  • A rack containing a shovel and a broom along with a bucket
  • The garden consisting of two fruit trees and flowers
--> Sitting area:
  • A table with three stools
  • A few boxes and a toolbox in the storage area beneath the roof
  • TV and radio antennas 

The Inspiration:
When I traveled to Italy a few years back, I gained a great appreciation for the people, food, and unique architecture I saw on my trip. When I returned home, I missed these things and decided to immortalize them in LEGO bricks. I did my best to recreate Italy's culture and environment with The Tuscan Brick, from the classic gelaterias and the classic restaurants to the delicious, homemade food.

This would be a great LEGO set because it is interactive and also highly detailed, a great set for both amateur and advanced LEGO builders! It's also a great set to display or even combine with other LEGO modular buildings.

This is a collaboration between @LegoTastic2, @Albert Brickstein, and @BuckMaster101. All work is included with specific permission from all the collaborators. 

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