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This small but awesome model I created is a beautiful houseboat with two minifigures the boat is equipped with two life jacket, flowers, cup, satellite with a superb design.

The boats design:

  • Has a pointed blue roof with side rail
  • Two small clear transparent windows
  • An anchor made from a small Lego block on a Lego chain looks very real.
  • Two side walls which create a small walk way accessed by two steps which then leads from the back of the boat to the front of the boat.
  • The front of this boat has an opened space area for the Lego minifigures to sand or sit there is also an opened spaced area at the back which has a cool moving part this is for the rudder so the minifigures can steer the boat where ever they want. 

This houseboat is the perfect Lego model for any collection, as it looks good on any display shelf but also is a cool toy to play with in any fun Lego scene. This model would look perfect sailing under the London Bridge set or in any camping and house set by the sea making the model great for adults and children.

If you love this model or know someone who would then please support it and share it with friends and family or perhaps you just want to support it anyway. Also follow my account to see future updates and news to this design it would be great to see this model get a few hundred supporters or maybe to even see it on store shelfs in the future! :-D

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