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Space Exploration Variable Mech — Space Rover


New interchangeable arm module added —— Drill Arm

Here is another update to the project. When it comes to space exploration, apart from dealing with hostile alien life form and heavy lifting, astronauts might also need to drill into the rock or the surface of the planet in order to discover something. So here is the giant drill arm module to do the job. When the Space Rover equipped with the drill arm, it becomes the Discovery configuration. Moreover, even equipped with the drill arm, Space Rover can still transform into vehicle mode.



Interchangeable arms and shoulder mount tools features added

Originally the "Space Rover" was designed to be a mass production type mech, but it doesn't necessarily mean every single one of them will look the same. Considering "Space Rover" will need to perform different tasks in different missions, it means variant is needed. Besides, it looks a bit boring if they all look the same. So that, here comes the solution: Interchangeable arms feature. By swapping between different arm modules, "Space Rover" can have different configurations to perform different tasks. In this update, a pair of giant claws is presented, when "Space Rover" is equipped with this giant claws module, it becomes heavy lifting variant. And of course it can mix and match with other existing arm modules to create more variants. More importantly, even equipped with the giant claws, it can still transform into vehicle mode!

Apart from the interchangeable arms feature, there is another small update, a clip is added on the back of each shoulder, so that the astronauts can carry their handheld tools and equipments during the mission. Moreover, the thruster on the hip of the mech has been upgraded as well.

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