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Space Exploration Variable Mech — Space Rover


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I grew up in an era where colourful Lego Astronauts piloting spaceship and other ground vehicles to explore the space. However, I have been wondering, what if those Lego Astronauts can pilot some sort of vehicle that can be spacecraft, rover and exosuit all-in-one? 

My answer is “Space Exploration Variable Mech” a.k.a. “Space Rover”, basically it is a small size mech that can transform into a spacecraft that can operate at zero or low gravity environment. It can be space or on the surface of the planet. 

In vehicle mode, “Space Rover” can travel at high speed and it is highly maneuverable as it is equipped with round mover propulsion system.

 In mech mode(Basic Configuration), it is equipped with a claw and a beam chainsaw on its right arm, it can be helpful when the astronaut/pilot needs to perform some maintenance work; the left arm is a ray gun, it can come in handy when the astronaut bump into some hostel alien life forms.

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