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Great Hammerhead Shark


Great Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey. Their wide-set eyes give them a better visual range than most other sharks. And by spreading their highly specialized sensory organs over their wide, mallet-shaped head, they can more thoroughly scan the ocean for food.

Introducing a Lego Wild Life serie dedicated to the Ocean: The Great Hammerhead Shark, swimming over octopus.

This clean presentation nearly without pins and with a black bordured base as seen in the Lego Architecture serie will bring a piece of nature in your room, with a real feeling of movement.

Spécifications:  Stand with black flat bordures - Realistic look with only a few visible pins - Many moving parts: shark's jaws and flippers, tail with 2 articulations for natural movement - 648 bricks

A real piece of art in your room

Other sharks and orca comming soon so please support to bring a few culture and respect of the ocean to our children.

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