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Modern Villa

This is my build of a modern villa with a Bauhaus architectural style which emphasizes minimalism, functionality and clean lines.
To see the rooms inside, you can lift the roof with the solar panels off, and open the wall on the back of the house. The openings on the back are double hinged so less space is needed for them to open.
On the ground floor of the house you will find the living room with dining area. It has modern furnitures and a tall window section to let in more natural light. The kitchen has floor tiles with pattern, and the bathroom has a sleek and functional design.
The rooftop terrace has plants, flowers and sunbeds for relaxation. It also has a bird feeder that the birds seem to like.
The stairs from the ground floor lead up to a home office with a computer, and next to it is the bedroom with a nice big bed and a balcony with a lot of greenery. Under the bedroom is an open garage with a cool classic car.
The garden has a pond with water lilies and a small waterfall from the wall of the house. The build comes with two minifigures.
I hope you like my idea of a modern villa.

Number of pieces: 2539

Length: 384 mm (15.12 in)
Width: 384 mm (15.12 in)
Height: 178 mm (7.01 in)

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