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Small Terraced House - House Nr. 7

This little house is once again one of my little ideas for you to join in with.
(Holiday Home or suburban house for your family?)

What is it?
Imagine inheriting a small terraced house like this. It could be in the suburbs or as a small holiday home on a small beautiful island or somewhere in the country. Before you inherited it, it was restored and is completely empty. It cannot be changed from the outside because it is a listed building. But from the inside you can show all your creativity. Only the wet room areas and the kitchen area have to remain.
How do you imagine the inner workings? Do you live alone or with your wife and child? Will your little house get a name?
The walls you can see here is my idea of the interior spaces. However, they can be removed without having to remodel the outside of the house. They are only held by the stones marked red. (I would want to live there with my wife and son).

The front of the house faces north. On the right at the front there is a small parking space where small cars can be parked or scooters and bicycles can be parked. The back faces south to let in a lot of light through the large windows, which is particularly nice in winter and to visually enlarge the rooms. The smaller row of windows on the side faces east. For example, I would have my bedroom there.

Why did I build it?
I'm interested in how you will design the rooms and how you would set it up. It would be nice to see it later and experience the many individual facilities. I imagine a Lego exhibition with 10 or 20 houses. (That would almost be another settlement (a dream). All the same on the outside but completely different on the inside. In the last 2 pictures you can see what the house in the settlement could look like.

Why might Lego build it?
I think Lego houses are absolutely great. However, most of them are difficult to change individually and require a lot of effort. In this house it's quite easy. One wall out, a new wall in. No matter what you do on the inside, it stays the same on the outside. That would be a great idea.

Studs: 33x48x29
Parts: 1717
Style: Bauhaus - Art Deco
Grams: 2678
Architect: Self creation

Which one of you is moving into this pretty little house?
1 Little House, many Variations on the Inside. Surprise me.

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