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Aliens Took My Cow!

Something's up in the air tonight... Holy cow, is that a UFO?

This contraption relies on a combination of LEGO magnets to keep the cow up in the air, with a knob that allows you rotate the UFO above it. Send the livestock flying, resist an alien invasion or explain to your friends that this is obviously a weather balloon - there are endless applications for something that will only take a little of your desk space! Udderly creative, this build seems to defy gravity and some reports even claim that it improves the flavor of hamburgers in the vicinity. We don't need to subjugate humanity, we only need 10,000 votes to make LEGO consider turning it into a set. So vote today and help us make it to the cattle ranch... erm we mean store shelves!

- Betty the cow

"This is the only intelligent life form we could find."
- XzsiM'fc the alien

"It's just a weather balloon."
- US government spokesperson

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