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LEGO Architecture: Designer

You are the architect. Inspired by LEGO's Architecture theme, this set gives you the site and materials to bring your own buildings to life out of LEGO. You can choose from a number of different sites to build on, or create a custom one. Then you get to design and build any structure you want. Will your building be the next great architecture icon?

Planned in microscale, LEGO Architecture: Designer lets you easily create building forms in a specific environment. It includes instructions for different types of terrain (hilly, sloping, or flat) that make up your site. Then all you need to do is create the building you've always wanted to design.

If you need some ideas, the set also comes with challenge constraints to build things like "a house with two chimneys" or "a school with a roof garden." And of course instructions are included for some different structures to get you started.

A brick's colors are loosely based upon different materials, such as tan for stucco, transparent for glass, and grey for concrete. But don't let those suggestions hold you back. This set is all about you being the architect—the choice is yours!

LEGO Architecture: Designer possible variations:
- Urban (Skyscrapers and monuments in a city setting)
- Mountain (Resorts and houses nestled between snowy rocks)
- Coastal (Houses and restaurants on the oceanfront)

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5/5/2012 - Created

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