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Lego Observatory - Sky Mountain


First Video of this Observatory

Dear Lego Fans,
I just uploaded my first MOC Video ever.
It is an animation about this Observatory.
Because of this Video I had no time to answer all your comments.
I'm sorry about that.
For this Video I used Blender and it needed approx. 100h to render.
I know I have a very snow PC (and while rendering I couldn't use it).

What do you think about it?
Should I do more Videos for other builds?

Thank you so  much for all your support.



46 to 1000 and how can I add a Video?

Thank you so much for all your support.

Only 46 supporters missing to 1000.
Thats awesome.

I just installed Blender to try how about to render with it.
Its more difficult than imagined but I don't give up.

Does someone know how I can add a Video within the updates?

Thanks again for all your support.
New Updates and projects will come soon.


Rounder dome and an even greener baseplate

Hi everybody,

thank you again for all your support.

I created a smoother rounder dome and changed some colors.

The sliding doors are made of reflecting silver bricks now and

the base contains a small "waterfall" and more green parts.

Because of some suggestions I wound remove the car to lower the partscount.

What do you think?

I wish a great weekend



Engine room and second floor

Thank you all for your Support.
Here is the first Update of the Observatory.

I made the second floor a little larger and
used a clear wall with a door to seperate the engine room.

Also the third floor is now removable to play
inside the engine room.

What do you think?


Thank you so much and a sketch of my Idea

First of all: Thank you so much.
I never thought that this Idea will get so much support.
Thank you so much for all.
It would be a dream if this time it would come true.
I also made some changes today and right now its rendering.
There will be a larger second floor and the third floor
will also be removable.
I will update the picures soon.

As I said I had a "flash inside my brain" and as I wake up
I made a sketch of my design/idea.
And here it is:

I wish a great weekend

You are awesome!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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