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Robot Monkey


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This is a bigger, action figure style build, kind of like the Wall-e set that was previously released through the Lego Ideas website. It is SUPER posable and has over 700 parts! This was originally my entery for the 2018 MOC of the year challenge over at bricks amino, alltough it didn't win, it did get quallified. This set was designed in LDD and rendered with, and only exists digitally, therefore it would be really cool to get it in real life. Ofcourse it includes the ball joint pieces in a new colour, and there are a lot of them in this build, it is not againgst the rules, and would be very usefull for MOC bulders. I have developed the building style myself, and used it on a number of builds, like the S on my "robotic styles of ideas" build I made for the "build your lego ideas logo" challenge

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