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Elven Castle


Redesign forthcoming?

First of all, thank you all for your support. I'm so grateful for your enthusiasm for this project.

When I made this project, it was much less general than my Fossil Museum project. What I mean by that is, I designed the Fossil Museum with nothing in mind but making the fossils work. As a result, it ended up getting several redesigns after being posted.

The Elven Castle, however, involved a much more multi-faceted approach, thinking about what pieces are currently in production, what pieces are most realistic to expect LEGO to use, and basically setting the project up to be practically a shoo-in when it comes to review. In my mind, it would require no redesigns after I first fine-tuned it.

Looking at it now, though, I'm beginning to think that was unrealistic, to expect a perfect result the first time. There are several aspects of this design I could probably revisit and fine-tune to better match my vision, make it less angular and more visually exciting, and maybe even cut down on the somewhat-high piece count.

This isn't a promise of anything, but I will make an attempt. Whether it's just smaller fixes or a complete overhaul, I'll try and improve on the initial design.

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