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Elven Castle


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Long has the Castle line gone without Elves, but no longer. Build the Elven Castle, complete with opening gate, elven guards, dungeon, weapon racks, and throne room, and defend the forest from those who wish it harm!

This design is meant not to look like it was built of wood, but like it was grown from wood, as if the elves harnessed the trees themselves to grow their own woodland fortress. The lights are fluorescent blue because they are not intended to be flames. Instead, they are run by elven magic.

Like most castle sets, the Elven Castle is made of different modules that click together to make the whole castle. Not only does this make building it easier, this means purchasing multiple Elven Castles allows you to make an even larger castle if you so choose.

Minifigures included are:

  • Two male elf guards
  • Two female elf guards
  • Elf king
  • Elf princess

This model contains 1447 bricks. A large majority of the pieces used in this model have been in production within the last year, so it shouldn't require too many new recolored pieces to be produced.

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