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Wild West Mine

Hey Cowboys ! 

Come to see the new Wild West Mine ! Your goal, find all this secrets.
Walk through the desert and climb the rocks to reach this place full of pioneers and bandits, but beware the coyote and eagles...they are hungry !
If you escape them....ouch...Beware the cactus' spines too !
You finaly get into one of these house to have a rest and eat before keep looking for the mine.
Tchou tchou tchou....the mine train is coming ! Hurry up ! Don't miss it ! 
It carries you into the deep mine. Avoid the stalactites if you won't loose your head ! Fight against the dark, the bats...and you will find the gold ! 

And don't forget to have fun !  

Infos :
- Width : 55,1cm
- Length : 33,6cm
- Height : 31,3cm
- Weight : 1758g
- 1464 pieces

Update 2 the 15th of November 2020 :
- Add 4 minifigures
- Add more plants
- Add some bones
- Add a cow skeleton
- Add smoke on the hut's chimneys
- New photos 

Update 1 the 8th of May 2020 :
- New rock main color : Dark orange
- New hut main color : Reddish brown
- New locomotive design
- New plates for water and ground
- Add some crossties under the track
- New photorealistics pictures

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