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Neo-Classic Spaceship - NCS-D1


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Neo-Classic Spaceship - NCS-D1

After running into a classic space friend at an off world monster truck rally another 1970’s minfigure contacted me through my Lego Idea page. 

He told me, Jeffy-O, I have been flying around in my old school spaceships for a long time, and don’t get me wrong, they are amazing, but I see all these young minifigures in their tricked out vehicles and I wonder…what are all those parts they use?  Bricks with studs on the sideFriction HingesSkates! We never had those when my ships were designed……

After hearing his plea for an updated vehicle I immediately set to work and the Neo Classic Space Defender (designation NCS-D1) was born.

The NCS-D1 features the classic space blue and grey colour scheme (accentuated with the requisite bumblebee pattern) and is the updated Starship all Lego Spacemen and Spacewomen need to fly around the galaxy in style. 

The model includes:

  • 374 Bricks (excluding the minifigure)
  • 1 Classic Space Minifigure (in black)
  • A Minifigure scale cockpit with loads of screens and buttons to press (don’t press the red one!)
  • 4 wing mounted “Spontaneity Wave Overly Optimistic Super Helical” drives that power the ship by directly tapping into the creative core of the pilots brain and converting their imagination into propulsion.  A 100% renewable energy source instantly recognizable by its distinctive acoustic signature…..S.W.O.O.S.H! 
  • Loads of other thingy's just check out the images.

The next time you see a blue and grey blur fly past your planet and hear that swoosh, you'll know...the NCS-D1 was there!

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