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Rubik's Snake


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The Rubik’s Snake (also known as Rubik’s Twist) was a popular 80’s puzzle invented by Erno Rubik and one of my favorite childhood toys. It’s built from a chain of twenty-four right isosceles triangular prisms. The chain can be twisted and configured into multiple shapes and fun designs. 
The challenge in building this was the precise measurements and symmetry required to get all the bricks to line up and still be twistable. The length and width of each piece had to be exact and the ball and socket joints used needed to line up perfectly in the center. 
Originally created just for the challenge of building triangles and geometric shapes with LEGO, this project turned out to be a great display piece. It can be twisted into a new and interesting art piece every day.  
The Rubik’s Snake model is built from 444 official LEGO pieces and can be reassembled into multiple color variations. You can build each prism as a solid color, switch the outside panels to the opposite color, or invert the middle layers to make a striped version… all from the same set without any additional parts! This model is fully functional and you can twist it to make your own designs. It is also small enough to support it’s own weight and hold it’s shape as you can see from the photos. 
Please support and share this design. It’s a great model for builders learning about geometric design and would be a great conversation piece for your desk or coffee table.
If you would like to see a specific configuration, please leave it in a comment and I will post a new photo as an update. Thanks for your support!

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