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Rubik's Snake


Video Demonstration Twisting the Snake

I had the opportunity to show the Rubik's Snake model at BrickWorld Chicago last month. Here's some footage of one of my demonstrations.


Reinforced Core

Hey folks,

Thank you so much for your support so far. I've made a simple modification that I think is a great improvement from the original MOC. The darker green segment on the left shows the original configuration:

As you can see, it had three connection points, but the core was made up of 4 separate blocks. Any pressure placed on the ball and socket pieces when twisting caused the model to come apart sometimes when changing the shape. 

The lime green segment on the right shows the new configuration:

Essentially, the core is now one solid piece. It still has three connection points, but now with the one-piece core they are working together to hold it all in place. This results is a much more stable model when twisting it into the many different shapes.

If you have any questions about this MOC, I'd be happy to answer them. I'll be working on a video to show it "in action" next.