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the colosseum is one of the greatest examples of the great Roman constructive ability. This scale reproduction of about 2500 pieces tries to faithfully reproduce its shape and ancient splendor, combining a fantasy color with the real state of the structure.

I think such a beautiful structure must be present among the Lego Architecture models ... my set is studied in detail and perfectly reflects the shape of the ancient building, however following the minimal and characteristic style of Lego Architecture


For this set I've used only traditional Lego pieces... the simplicity of the construction is one of its strong points because, without distracting the eye from the structure, it makes it complete and realistic.
Furthermore, there was a large study on the measures ... the proportions of the royal coliseum are quite particular and I tried to reproduce them faithfully


The images show my creation from the four sides and from an orthogonal view always in two colors ... one white, green and red to highlight the subsequent levels of the structure well, and one in light tan with subtle red and green decorations .. .

Arena's detail

In the orthogonal photo you can see that the arena is cut in half, this is because under the coliseum there is a maze of useful structures for gladiators ... these mason are still visible and I have tried to insert them ...

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