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Swimming Pool


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This is the second Modular building in my modern theme series! This swimming pool fits perfectly next to the previous build (Lego City Library) and is a great addition to any lego collection! 

watch this video to get an overview: 


First Floor:

The first floor features an all glass outer wall to look out of while going to the pool. Check in at the front desk, and either go right to the pool, or left, up the stairs and into the gym. It includes a full changing room, a diving board, and a life guard tower. The pool actually has a little depth to it too.

Second Floor:

The second floor fetures an all around track above the pool, a beutiful veiw. It also includes some dumbbell weights, a treadmill, a weight bench, and a punching bag! This floor also has an all glass design, just like the library, for a beutiful veiw.


The roof has a skylight right over the pool. This makes a nice veiw from the pool.


If you are interested in more modular buildings check out my library, to stay up to date on all my creations, vote on what to see next, and see some behind the scenes stuff check out Brickstudio Films on Google+ and Youtube 

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