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City Library


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This Lego modular building is one of two buildings with a modern design containing an all glass front. I have made the inside look a little like an older library while the outside has the modern theme, making a nice mix between rustic and modern. 

I First made this in lego didgital designer, then built it in real life. Later I did manage to put it into a 2d blueprint format using leocad. That explains why some bricks are in the virtual images while others are in the real set

here is an overview video of the lego city Library:

First Floor:

there are seven bookshelves lined up around the central staircase with easy accsess to all books.

the book checkout tables are also on this floor

you can also have a minifigure place books on a small table near the back exit to decide which book to get.

This also has yellow-gold and sand (aka brick yellow) tiles in a checkerboard formation accross the floor.


Second Floor:

after climbing a giant staircase you will arrive at the second floor featuring a more modern and spacious look to it. here you can lok out to the city from two slanted walls made of glass.

This floor also features a skylight direcly above the staircase.

Here you can do some reaserch on one of the three computers, or look through seven more bookshelves to find what you were looking for. 

The second floor also includes a children's section!

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