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When The World Was Flat V2


Dear fellow Lego Fans I present my latest submission entitled When The World Was Flat V2. This is the Puff Daddy Remix version of my prior submission, When The World Was Flat. I again set out to make a visual representation of what the world map would look like in ancient times when the belief was the world was flat. In these times it was thought that if you ventured to far out to sea you would fall off the edge of the world into the abyss.  

      For the remake I took all of the suggestions and comments I received and made improvements from the original version and completely reworked the geography/terrain and revamped the water features. I included various finishing pieces other than the 1x1x2/3 slope piece that predominated my prior build. I also made sure to include buildings in the form of various castles and strongholds. I kept the antiqued handcrafted wooden presentation/display case as it was. I feel this newer, stronger, faster, and smarter version would look that much better with your Lego collection. I believe this set appeals to Castle, Pirate, Seafaring, Fantasy, History, GOT, and Lego Collectors in general. Makes a great companion to your lonely Old Fishing Store and/or Ship In A Bottle. 


Approximately 1900 Pieces

30x36x16 Dots (16 bricks tall at highest point(tower)-12 2/3 Brick at top of shelf)


I hope you all enjoyed this submission and the improvements that have been made to the original version. If this is something that you would like to see potentially become an official Lego set please click that little button and support. Your support, and your comments/feedback are always greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time! :) Please share!!!



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