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Sunfish Sailing Pier

This Sunfish Sailing Pier model is a tribute to the joys of small boat sailing. For a kid who didn't like most parts of summer camp, Sunfish sailing was an escape. Once I figured out how to operate the sail, steer, and duck my head under the swinging boom, I was hooked. There is nothing quite like zooming across a pond while leaning out over the edge of the boat with the water just inches below you. It was a thrill that made the stresses of camp all worthwhile.

These minifigure scale LEGO Sunfish capture the iconic look and feel of the real thing. The rudder and sail articulate. The pier and rental shack round out the concept, complete with a spare boat and plenty of nautical elements.

I believe this would make a great LEGO Ideas set because it captures the joy of Sunfish sailing on the minifigure scale. It would make a fun play set for all ages, and it might just inspire someone to go out and try it for themselves!

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