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Red Dwarf Brickheads


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Brickheads based on the BBC series: Red Dwarf.

I built these as I thought it would be interesting to see the crew in lego form.

Included is a Brickhead Rimmer, a hologram brought to life after dying in a reactor leak. His brickhead is 95 parts, and includes several details. Inside is a lightbee, the physical object which projects Rimmer. He also holds a bazookazoid, incase of a polymorph attack.

Also included is Lister, who is the last human left alive after being put into stasis for three million years. He holds his guitar, much to everyone else's disgust. He has two of his patches included on his jacket, including the lady luck patch and a sand green smiley face. Lister is a total of 121 parts, including the guitar.

They couldn't be there without their sanitation droid found on the Nova 5 after it crashed. His head is geometrically shapped with four 4 x 4 plates with sloping details, all identicle. Kryten has 104 parts.

The final crew member is Cat, a being created after three million years of mutation after Lister went into stasis for bringing his pregnant cat Frankenstine on board the ship. Cat has 118 pieces, and a great sense of style.

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