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Wizard Tower


Wizard Tower

I recently looked at several classic sets. I remembered one of my first sets including a blue wizard and started searching for similar castle sets. The wizard in these sets is called Majisto. He appeared in a few sets throughout the years. He is an icon of the castle theme and therefore deserves a home upgrade. 

The tower is modular and consists of 7 rooms:
  1. The dungeon has enough space to store enemies and doubles as a snake pit.
  2. The entrance hall holds several brooms and a bat hanging from above.
  3. The library includes writing utensils, several books and a map of the world surrounding the tower.  
  4. The laboratory offers potions and brewing equipment. From this floor the balcony and the side tower is accessible. The balcony includes a telescope, a compass, a lantern and a cage holding a bird.
  5. The visionary room holds a crystal ball and a magical diamond.
  6. The brewing room includes a candlestick and a cauldron. 
  7. The attic holds a chest for storing secret treasures.   

The building is surrounded by trees, flowers, pumpkins, and mushrooms–the ingredients wizards need for brewing potions. Besides that various animals roam through the nature. The bridge crossing the azure river is decorated with ornaments. The signpost next to the river leads the way to the next castle. The set also includes six minifigures: two wizards, two wizard apprentices, an evil wizard and a forestman.

Since this entry wasn't selected in the Bricklink designer program, I wanted to give this model a second chance. I hope you like this model. I greatly appreciate everyone sharing this design with fellow Lego enthusiasts!

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