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French Palace

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m proud to present you this French Palace!
This creation is composed of the palace, a car and figures, for a total of 2.300 bricks.

The building has three floors.
It includes a living room, a billard room, a bedroom and an office. All these rooms are decorated with Art Deco furnitures providing a modern feeling to the interiors.
The entrance is decorated in a more classical way with a brick-built marble floor and red curtains.
A garage is also present in the basement.

The figures are composed of women in brick-built haute-couture dresses, men in suits, a waiter, officials in uniforms and security officers.

Why did I build this palace?
I love architecture and Lego allowed me to test several ideas I have imagined such as houses, bridges, towers,… Then, I wished to design a building that would gather all what I have learned in a personal creation. This creation would be this palace, which I consider as one of the most beautiful pieces in my collection.

Why would it make a great Lego set?
First, it is a beautiful, elegant and lively creation for display. It also have some playability with the various interiors. But most important of all, it can be an inspiration and a great base for anyone wishing to design its own buildings.

Thank you for your support!

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