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Suzuki Jimny Sierra


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"Nobody But Jimny"

The submission that you are viewing is based on Suzuki Jimny, a four-wheel drive off-road mini SUVs, manufactured and marketed by Japanese automaker Suzuki, and this is based on the fourth generation Jimny.

This model closely resembles the real Jimny, the seemingly simple yet intricate shaping of the car body. The heritage design of Jimny is reproduced, including simple round headlamps and independent indicators, front grille with vertical openings, clamshell bonnet, horizontal slit-like design, and even the rear combination lamps gathered at the rear bumper.

As for the body colour, the iconic Yellow with Black roof are chosen.

The interior of the Jimny is not compromise: every switch and buttons, cool black design, every detail mimicked. Sliding and folding seats just like a real car. Tons of detail and you are only able to appreciate when it's in your hands!

Ladder frame is the iconic element of Jimny, in fact, it exists in all four Jimny generations. It offers a solid foundation for serious off-road performance. The ladder frame is reproduced in this model and separable, just like the real jimny.

This model is made with customization in mind. Meaning you are able to customize a particular part of the car as you like, without interrupting other parts or at minimal. The sky is the limit on how you are able to customize this car model.

The functions of this model includes but not limited to:
  1. Opening doors and car bonnet,
  2. Sliding and folding seats for better access,
  3. Folding rear seats to create more space for the trunk,
  4. Removable hood to better access and viewing the interior of the model,
  5. Steerable wheels and independent suspensions,
  6. Easy disassembly of completed model to have better look at details when completed.

Lastly, I'm dedicating this idea to my fiancée, this is her dream car, which eventually became mine too. She always so supportive and inspired me to complete this model.

Thank you in advance for viewing and supporting this idea of mine.

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