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THOR- Battle at the Asgardian Portal

This set can recreate many different scenes from one of my favorite movies, THOR! It would cost about $15-$20, has 102 bricks, and has 4 minifigures (5 if you count the statue.)! The set has a small version of the building where Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard, opens the portal to the different realms. It has the part that Heimdall sticks his sword in to activate the portal. The minifigures are Thor, Heimdall (He doesn't have a helmet because there's no good piece for it.), Laufey, and a Frost Giant.

This is when the Frost Giants freeze Heimdall.

Thor needs to get to Asgard!

Heimdall breaks through the ice.

Thor returns and defeats the Frost Giants!

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