Sea to Table - Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

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    Rock Foundation


    Another big update - trying to simplify yet make it more appealing all in one.

    A rock cliff foundation with a basement storage area and small tunnel

    New staircase around rocks

    More plants

    Updated kitchen - stoves, ovens etc.

    BIG UPDATE: Dock / interior and Folding Window overhaul


    Big update here.

    I had the idea to do fold out windows on the restaurant - that lead to an overhaul of the restaurant and bar area - which lead to a shift in the dock layout and the roof! Great improvements I think - but let me know what you think.

    Dock has been simplified and elongated so the boat can dock alongside it.

    Fold out door in the bar too.

    A new steeple with starfish vs the taller red flag - more new england in style.

    Interior lighting and a new couter arrangement inside with plants and plates. New tile floor color.

    Created connections between each floor as well for easy removal - bar and steeple detatch easily.

    Some small tweaks 9/28


    Added new features in the restaurant:
    Flooring Tiles
    New Stools
    Interior Lighting
    Some Plated Food and spots for plates at counter
    Small plant in window
    Clock on wall inside

    Freezer outside on the dock
    Another Lobster trap on dock
    Porch railing details

    Next Update:
    Fireplace Overhaul
    Adrressing connection between floor