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It's simple, there is no app for it, and you can only play once a day, yet Wordle has taken the world by storm and by this point you are probably sharing your daily results on social media religiously. While the single puzzle a day is quite popular, my son has found a much more fun to play Wordle. He draws a board on a piece of paper, I guess a word, then he highlights the letters either yellow or green so that I can guess again. Then we change roles, I think up a word (that a 2nd grader would be familiar with) and he has to guess. Not only does this allow him to play using words he is familiar with (sorry, "AGORA"), but it turns a social media game into an actual social game.

So, if you can play the game on paper, why couldn't you play it instead with LEGO. Introducing LEGORDLE, the LEGO Wordle. It's just as simple as the online game, and there still isn't any app for it, but now you can build it and play it, plus you aren't using 20 pieces of paper every day! And did I mention, it is now available to play in every language that uses Roman letters, you could even use pinyin to play in Chinese, so non-English speakers can play as well.

Of course, you are going to need a lot of letter tiles to play this game, and all those tiles should prove very useful for playing other word-based board games with Lego, labeling LEGO sets, leaving messages around the houses, or whatever other creative ways that you can use LEGO letter tiles while you aren't playing LEGORDLE.

The best part of this set is that it is built on a box that allows you to store all your letter tiles inside so that they don't get lost. So what are you waiting for, play your favorite game and today when you share your Wordle score on Facebook, share this LEGO Ideas project as well! Thank you.

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