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1970 Plymouth Superbird


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A Superbird?
That's right. Who isn't familiar with these cars? This is a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird. Made famous by Richard Petty who raced this car in NASCAR, and by the film Disney Pixar Cars as "The King".

About the model
This model is equipped with the 426 Hemi V8 and a 4-speed transmission. In the real world, only 58 cars left the factory with this engine / transmission combination out of the 1920 Superbirds that were ever produced. Making these the rarest and most sought after of them all. That is why I chose to fit the model with this engine and transmission.

Also important to notice; every detail on this model is supposed to be as accurate as possible to the factory style of the real car.

The real Superbirds came out in seven different colors. My favorite color for these cars is "Petty Blue". The Lego medium blue is a perfect match with this color, and makes it the perfect color combination for me with a black vinyl top (which all of the birds had) and a nice white interior which also was available on a real Superbird. Also, have a look at the engine bay. It looks like a candy store in there with the red cap battery, orange painted engine, and pink / purple Roadrunner horn.

Scale and parts
This model is at a large 1:11 scale. The bird is 22 studs wide and 65 studs long. It contains 2599 parts.

Everything opens; the hood, doors, and trunk. There is also working steering with the steering wheel, a working V8 Lego Technic engine (with crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and fan belt which also drives the alternator) and suspension at the rear with a differential.


I hope you like this creation, thanks for viewing! If you want this to become a set, then please support!

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