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Lego Modular Warehouse


Do you need an industrial modular section? If so, then the Lego Modular Warehouse will fit right in. This is a double size modular building, but it uses little bricks, as the inside is mostly empty (Technical name- "unused warehouse space").

This warehouse has a corrugated front, opening main doors, and a n office wall that hinges. It comes with 5 minifigures (manager, foreman, crane operator, truck drivers x2), two trucks (one of my own design, one based of other Lego trucks), and 14 sea containers, of my own design. On the roof is a heavy duty air-con unit, important as during the summer the inside can get very hot. The company is called 'ACE Container management', with their shorthand logo on the door and two of the sea containers. The other sea containers will have an assortment of other logos.

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