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Fangpyre Mech 2.0


The Lego Ninjago series is one of the most popular theme made by Lego that has been running from 5 years and still going strong. During the second season, we are introduced to the serpentine. So because I think that they are one of the best villains in the Ninjago universe I have designed a better version of the Fangpyre Mech.

This model includes:

  • 8 serpentine minifigures
  • 5 flick fire missiles
  • Rotatable torso
  • A lot of articulation
  • Movable tail
  • Turnable gatling gun

In my opinion, The serpentine are the best villains (not counting the skeletons, they are the best) and I would like to see them again with more amazing vehicles in a serpent style.

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