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Lego Technic Concorde

It's a replica of the famous commercial supersonic jet, the Concorde, a legend for who loves aviation and for the whole world, one of man's greatest achievements. The model is 86 cm long and 38 cm wide. It perfectly respect the scale 1:70 of the real one. And because it's a Technic, it has a lot of functions. You can move the "elevons" (the control surfaces that control the Concorde's pitch and roll) in the same way as the Concorde pilots, with a lever very similar to the real Concorde's stick. You can move manually the rudder, too. Then you can raise and lower the nose, a unique characteristic of the Concorde. The pilots used to lower the nose on ground and during landings or takeoffs. And you can raise and lower the landing gear, too.

I've built this model because I'm a young student pilot, and I love the Concorde, It was an amazing plane. 2200 km/h, more than two times the speed of sound. London to New York in 3 hours. 18000 metres of cruise altitude. The only commercial plane in history faster than the Earth rotation and other records like that. And it was a beautiful plane. For me, the best looking plane ever. 

It would be a great Lego set, because we haven't seen a detailed Lego passenger plane for a long time, and the Concorde is unique, iconic, instantly recognizable and beautiful. Perfect for all aviation enthusiasts or collectors.

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