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Market Village

Market village

One of my favorite themes for me is the Medieval, I really like to design buildings in it: villages and
castles with nature, gardens and animals. I really want a medieval theme to come back with a LEGO Market Village set in the apartment, full of details, animals and figures. That’s why I created this Market Village entry. If you like my entry, please support it to reach the 10k supporter and make it an official LEGO set!

This Market Village consists of 3 main parts: an inn, a watchtower and a butcher’s house. There is
even a barn at the bottom of the inn, where the wanderers' horses can rest. The inn itself has a downstairs area where you can eat and drink. At the top, there are two rooms, arranged with bookshelves, beds and a bedside table.

The next part is the watchtower, which has a closet and a ladder on the ground floor, the latter
leading up to the next level where the soldiers can rest: here are two beds and a closet. On the next level is the weapons depot, where you can find plenty of weapons: shields, swords, and more. The top level is not covered, the soldiers are guarding here.

The last building in the village is the butcher's house, which has a kitchen on the ground floor, with
a counter and a hen house. Upstairs is a bed and a bookshelf.

The village has a main square with a stall, a wine cellar and a well. In this main square, traders sell
their wares, such as a merchant’s butcher's meat and fish, a baker's wares, and another vendor's cheese. Next to the village, there are corn, beet, wheat, pumpkin and sunflower plantations. In addition, cows and pigs are kept in the area around the village. Next to the butcher's house is a river, over which a bridge crosses. In addition, I tried to display as much nature as possible around the village, with trees and flowering plants.

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