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Futurama Wacky Races


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Good news, everyone! It's time to start your engines for Futurama Wacky Races. First up is Professor Hughbert J. Farnsworth in the spaceship Planet Express Ship (a.k.a. Bessie). The ship features a holographic navigation computer, steering wheel and afterburner working at 200% efficiency. The wings are adjustable and the landing gear retracts to add even more thrust. Having had trouble with rogue A.I. in the past, Professor Farnworth decided to use a template he more or less trusted:himself. I rendered the ship in chrome green to simulate what "electric mucus" might look like if I had a higher-definition TV. Next up is Philip J. Fry in a Scooty Puff Sr. (because Scooty Puff Jr. sucks). It features a front mounted turbine, twin superchargers, motorcycle handlebar and four port jet engine. Turanga Leela has a nafety for safety. The ship's boxxy shape keeps it from going too fast. It features a padded dashboard screen instead of a big breakable piece of glass. Bender Bending Rodriguez is piloting the Crushinator. She features tracks, pig-tails and a top half which slides back to accomodate passengers. Doctor John Zoidberg is feeling very smug in the Mobile Oppression Palace. It's cold-blooded tech with articulated legs and large pincers. Captain Zapp Brannigan in the Nimbus is ready to throw wave after wave of his own men at any problem.

As a fan of both Futurama and LEGO, I feel this is an ideal set for fans of either. The vehicles are highly "swooshable" and also make attractive display pieces. I have spent the last two months refining the designs. Other fans of Futurama will notice some glaring omissions. Since this is a friendly race among (mostly) friends, I didn't think weapons were appropriate. Hair and other details were dependant on available parts in I tried several methods of adding face and torso printing. Unfortunately, they all came out pixelated which is against the quality guidelines, so I left them blank. For similar reasons, and because I don't have rights to the art, I omitted the Planet Express and Scooty Puff Sr. logos.

I know that, at one time, a competing building block company had this license. As far as I can tell, that no longer seems to be the case.

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