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Futurama Wacky Races


Print Update

Professor Hubert Farnsworth has brought a lot of good news, every one. By far the best news is his new printing. It features his trademark glasses, distinctive nose, furrowed brow and liver spots. His feet are pink bunny slippers.

Philip J Fry is looking good in his lucky pants.

Leela is looking cute with hot pink lipstick and white tank top. Her perennial boots round out the ensemble.

Hermes Conrad

Bender B Rodriguez

John Zoidberg with new "cockatieling" piece, face tentacles and lab coat.

Captain Zapp Brannigan is looking debonair in his velour uniform.


And the Crushinator


    The figures were initially rendered using Details were added in Gimp using shape masks and paths.


Additional character choices

The race is heating up! Two new entrants have entered the fray. Hermes Conrad, pocket filing cabinet at the ready, pilots the Slow-Mobile. It features a computer display and laser badge reader. Even though it's called a Slow-Mobile, it's possible that Hermes is the only one to obtain a speedpass. Roberto, even with his trusty knife, was unable to acquire a hover-copter. Instead, he's pushing a gurney from his asylum escape.

My next update will include new character ideas as well as print suggestions. Which characters would you like to see?

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