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Vintage Tram


Design Update

Thank you for all the support. We are almost there! I've made some final updates to the tram model:

  • Revised the side lower panels to have a smoother contour
  • Updated the passenger window spacing to strengthen the wall
  • Changed the shape and configuration of the roof to be more reflective of the real tram
  • Tweaked the front and rear headlight


Real Porto Tram in Action!

(Thanks to European Rail HD for the clip!)


Halfway to 10K Supporters In 10.5 Weeks!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has viewed, supported, commented, featured, liked, and shared this creation thus far. Please continue to support this submission by sharing! Every vote is much appreciated! 

Let's all get aboard and help Vintage Tram reach its final destination of 10K! Thank you! Obrigado!


Mini Vintage Tram

My Porto Vintage Tram, miniaturized (94 pieces)!


Halfway to 5K in 3 Weeks!

Project reached 2.5K in 3 weeks!
Thank you for all the support, and please continue to **share** this creation!
Thank you! Obrigado! Merci! Gracias! Danke! Xie Xie!


Design Improvements

First off, thank you everyone for supporting this project thus far. Please continue to share and support!

I have made several improvements to this project, some of which based on your feedback. Improvements include:

  • revamped doors with a cleaner hinge design and smoother outside surface (update also allows doors to open a full 90 degrees)
  • addition of hand rails at entrance and exit doors
  • minor modification to the front and rear contours (near head and tail lights)
  • minor tweaks to the roof and driver side windows


The "Real" Porto Vintage Tram

This is a photo of the actual Tram 22 that operates in Porto, Portugal (It was a really wet day!)