Product Idea

Christmas Elf's House

About This Project

This is one of the elf's homes that help Santa Claus. This house is a toy innovator elf's home. That is why the ground floor has a tool bench and a large collection of tools and a toy she is working on. Also on the ground floor is a wood fire place to keep the house warm. Upstairs is her bedroom with a lamp and more room for her tools. Both floors are tiled. There is a ladder to access the second floor. Outside there are two small trees, a deer, and a storage spot for firewood with an ax for chopping the wood. The roof opens up for easy access to the inside of the house.

Play Features:

  • The roof opens up for easy access to the inside.
  • The door opens and closes.


  • One elf minifigure.
  • A deer.
  • Many minifigure tools like a drill, an ax, a hammer, etc..

This is one of the Christmas sets I made to decorate our home. Also I thought that Santa's elves would need homes too. If you like this project please support, follow and share thank you for your time and support.

Thank you for your support.