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Technic Coaster Train


Update #1 New seat design

The main purpose of this update is to vastly improve the shoulder restraint mechanism in the seats, I've replaced the old worm gears with a for more realistic system which is also far easier to use and a lot more fun! (I also think they look a bit better too, but that's just my opinion) Now down to the main focus of this update:First, rubber bands would need to be placed according to the (not so well drawn) diagram below,If you hadn't worked it out the green and blue things are supposed to be rubber bands ;)

Then each shoulder harness can be pushed  down, and they're held in place by a simple ratchet mechanism (just like if you were getting into a real roller coaster). Finally, when you're imaginary roller coaster ride comes to a stop, all the restraints lift up at the same time simply by turning the small red lever!

Also just wanted to say thanks for all the support and positive comments! And due to popular demands I will be doing some more work on the track, however this will be quite a way off as Lego digital designer does not like curves and bendy things at all.

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