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The Office: An American Workplace - The Office


Experience the lives of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in this set inspired by the American television show The Office.

This set comes with five minifigures - Michael Scott (with briefcase and mug), Dwight Schrute (with briefcase and notepad), Jim Halpert (with satchel), Pam Beesly (with purse), and Ryan Howard.

There are three components to this set - the receptionist's desk, Dwight and Jim's desks, and the structure with Michael's office and the conference room.

The receptionist's desk is built with a wrap-around desk, filing cabinet, and table with a fax machine and a letter. Upon the desk are a pen with holder, a bowl of sweets, and a telephone. A swivel chair accompanies the desk as well.

Dwight and Jim's desks are built together (much to the dismay of both Jim and Dwight). Each includes a computer monitor, keyboard, coffee mug, and separate chairs.

The main structure contains both Michael's office and the conference room. The door and windows of each unit can be simply removed for easy access and playability.

Michael's office is decorated with a desk, table with a lamp, and Michael's graduation diploma (which he cherishes greatly). A chair sits opposite the desk for Michael's personal meetings, as well as a swivel chair behind the desk. Upon the desk are a computer monitor, keyboard, telephone, and a Dundies trophy.

The conference room includes a table with a lamp and four chairs, perfect for the daily conference meeting or two.

Also included in the set is a buildable camera and microphone to capture the lives of the Dunder Mifflin employees (it is a documentary, of course).

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