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LEGO Factory Playset


The last day is here…

WOW! - I have no words. The last 606 days were awesome. We’ve published our small LEGO Factory Playset project on LEGO Ideas on 19th of January, 2016 and we’ve made many updates since then and more importantly, our project was published on many LEGO and non-LEGO themed websites and blogs. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all the people who helped us reach more than 1.750 supporters with our project!

Unfortunately, if we’d like to see this model as an actual LEGO set, we should’ve reached 10.000 supporters until now, but hey - at least we’ve got many new friends, experience, and knowledge now.

We’re already working on a new, more interesting LEGO Ideas project, so stay tuned, we’ll need your help! :D

Until then, happy building for everyone!


Gabriele and Jonas



1 year on LEGO Ideas & a quick video review!

Hi everyone,

Do you know why is this day important for me? Why is it so special? ….I posted this project on LEGO Ideas exactly one year ago — on January 19th, 2016. It was a great year for me, because my project reached more than 1.500 supporters and it was posted on many popular LEGO blogs and forums. We are very glad you like the LEGO Factory Playset, so Zanna and I decided to make you a nice little surprise for the one year anniversary — a video review (animation) of our project! ;-) Hope you like it!

Please don’t forget to support this project and share it with your friends! - we can reach 10.000 supporters together (less than 8.500 more needed!), and maybe one day you’ll be able to buy this model as an official LEGO set in the stores all around the world! :-)




Merry Christmas and happy new year!

This isn't an actual update of my project, but I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2017! So many things happened in the last 365 (+1) days. Actually, I started to build my project around these days back in 2015, so this is a very special day for me. :-) Thank you so much for your support - let's hope we can reach 10.000 votes in 2017!





Here is the REAL LEGO Factory Playset! & Thanks for 1000 supporters!

I’ve designed my LEGO Ideas project at the end of the last year and uploaded it here, on LEGO Ideas in January. Ever since then I wanted to build it with real LEGO bricks. Today, Huw from has published a review of the LEGO Factory Playset, and yes, he built it using actual LEGO bricks. I even printed and sent him the stickers for it, so if you’d like to see the images about the real LEGO Factory Playset, check out this Brickset article: LEGO factory playset on LEGO Ideas

As you can see, Huw made some changes on the model. We worked together on the model and this Brickset review is actually and update for the project! :-) You can post your suggestions for future changes here or on Brickset in the comments section!

Oh, and one more thing: have you noticed that we’ve just reached 1000 supporters?! Woah, thank you guys - let’s continue our road to 5000, and finally, 10.000 supporters! :D

Now I’d like to post here a list of the pages and blogs that posted my project and helped me reach this huge number of supporters:

...hope I haven’t forgotten any blog, many LEGO fans have shared my project. :-)

As a final note, I’d like to say special thanks to “Scrubs” from Mecabricks - I really like his website (that’s where I’ve built my project), to Zanna, for making lifelike renders for the project and to Huw for building and reviewing our project!

Have a nice day everyone! :-)


Quick September update

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, and even if you can't see it, I'm working hard on stuff related to our LEGO Factory Playset. :)

Let me show you a sneak peek so that you can speculate what will be in the next update...


July update

I published the last update for my project 4 months ago, so I think it’s time to show you what I was working on till now. ;-)


When I started to work on this update, first of all I read all the comments on my project, and also on blog posts featuring it and then I tried to put all those great suggestions into the model. Let’s see what’s new:


  • Sliding doors - some of you have suggested this, and I saw that actually, the real LEGO HQ has sliding doors, so I added them. I had to modify a little bit the facade of the entrance because of these doors.

  • More details outside - added a bench, trees and minifigs outside, so the model became more colorful this way.

  • Solar panels - the roof was a little bit empty, and if we think about it, LEGO also pays attention to the nature and environmental protection, so I added solar panels on the top of the factory, because this is the room that needs the most energy.

  • Little details - like the “LEGO System A/S” title on the LEGO board, a coffee machine in the designer’s office and a little bit bigger “LEGO Factory playset” board on the top of the building.


Zanna and I have a surprise for you! Now you can explore the whole building inside through a 360 degree image! Let us now if you like it. ;) Hold and drag your mouse on THIS image! :-)



Update #1 - Modularity

Hello everyone!

Here is the first actual update for my set idea. I read every day your feedback and suggestions for my project here on LEGO Ideas, on facebook, and on LEGO blogs and forums and I’ll try to make my project better with your ideas. So here is the first update. :) You can see on the project page one image showing that the building is modular, but you can only connect and disconnect the three different areas and the roof. Someone told me, that it isn’t a real modularity - and he was right! So, for the first little update, I added two more connection points to the building (one for the factory and one for the designer’s office). Now you can connect these rooms in two different ways, so you can get a completely new layout with it. The building will be deeper and less wide this way. Hope you like the updated version of it, please leave your opinion in the comment’s area. :) If you like my project, you can help me in getting 10.000 votes for it by sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus!


Thanks for the awesome rendering for Zanna! :)


First week is over - and it was awesome!

Hello dear LEGO fans!
My project was published on 19th January and now it's 26th January, so it's online for 1 week now.

I think we did a great start, because the project got 227 followers in one week, which means 32 supporters per day. It's awesome! Let's try to stay in this way - please share the project on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and we can reach together 10.000 supporters!

Thank you everyone! :)